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Chandler Aviation's FAA approved service personnel are factory trained in Mooney, Cessna, Beechcraft and Piper



From Marc Dickensheets, Wildblue Aircraft Sales, LLC, 04 Jun 2014

Frank and Jeannie,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping Bob Fisher buy 8300Z. Your efforts and reputation are much appreciated!


From Bob Granley on 27-Mar-2014

Presently down from Point Roberts on a shakedown trip on the new engine. Decided to change a wheel on the plane, which I purchased from Frank. Thought that I would have them do this for me but decided to use the car jack and just get it done. Had to leave the plane jacked while I repaired at home...Wind and sand storm came up that could have been catastrophic. Frank went out on his own time and re-secured the leg until I arrived. Thanks so much Frank...Well done. You guys will always have our business going forward.  


From Kevin Crane on 09-Feb-2014

I came from Michigan to purchase my totally restored PA-28. I had Frank Setzler (owner) do the pre-buy for me. I informed Frank of my automotive background and he took the time to explain and advise me as I went through the motions of buying my first airplane. His fee was very reasonable, and after taking that fee out of the savings I realized by having the seller correct a host of Mickey Mouse items on this seemingly new airplane my savings amounted to around $3,500.00 I would have been pulling out of my pocket at annual time, as well as giving me true piece of mind that I was bringing home a cream puff. Additionally, his shop is clean as a whistle and reflects a very detail oriented operation. Jeanie in the front office kept in constant contact with me and between the two of them, I felt like I had family members looking out for me. My only real complaint is that they are way too far from my home base. Thanks for everything Frank & Jeanie!!! :-)  


From Wally Brown on 28-Jan-2014

Chandler Aviation is a great bunch of people. They are fair, professional, and competent. Do not hesitate to have them work on your airplane. Ask for Frank, he's squared away and very accommodating. 


From John Weaver on 14 Nov 2013

Recently flew into KCHD for the first time. Flap motor died. Frank and his crew repaired quickly. Thanks for the help.


From John Galban on 22-Jul-2013

Frank Setzler and his crew have been maintaining my airplanes for 23 years. You can probably find cheaper service in the area, but you won't find better. Recently, I discovered a flat battery on a morning flight, the day before a big vacation trip. Frank's crew had a start cart at the plane before I even asked for it (and before the shop was officially open). They got me going for my morning flight and promised to have a new battery ready to go when I got back. True to their word, I rolled in 3 hrs. later and the new battery was installed, the nose strut was pumped up and I was ready for my long trip the next day. These guys know what service means!


From Stan Dodge on 06-Mar-2013

We were between missions for Angel Flight and the left engine on our Aztec howled at us upon startup. The great crew at Chandler Aviation arranged a tow, diagnosed the problem as a failed alternator, found a new one and had us out of the shop in two hours. We were able to complete our next missions and our patients send their thanks to you all.


From Mike Goering on 24-Dec-2012

Frank Setzler runs a top flight operation! No better service shop in the south west. Always fair pricing and his expertise as an A&P, AI and AC owner pilot is without peer. I encourage you to see Chandler Aviation for all your aircraft needs


From Bill Doll on 01-May-2012

Had Frank and crew do a pre-purchase on a Piper Dakota. Really pleased with that and his service when we went to pick up the plane. I felt that the whole organization went out of their way to help us. Very knowledgable, helpful and friendly. Highly recommend them for for any aviation needs in the Phoenix area. You won't find better.

From Jay Bagwell on 16-Apr-2012

Had some problems with my aircraft and Frank was outstanding in helping get us fixed right away. He was very knowledgeable and very reasonable on the work. I would highly recommend Frank and his crew to everyone, you won't be sorry.

From Joe Abrahamson on 16-Feb-2012

Want to compliment the folks at Chandler Aviation! This is the second time they have bent over backwards to assist me with an airplane that needed help.

From Eliza Wade on 31-Mar-2011

I have to say thank you to the ground crew at Chandler Aviation! They are the best! I was working with an instrument student and stopped in after an IFR flight to take a break. We debriefed and filed a return to KAVQ using the facilities at the terminal building. After departing and almost home I realized I had left my wallet and phone at Chandler. The student cancelled the IFR approach into KAVQ and made a uturn back to Chandler. I called the UNICOM and a kind voice responded. I explained my blunder and she asked her ground service to check the areas I had been. Fortunately they found my lost items and responded on the UNICOM. After landing we were met by the friendly staff and the day was saved! One couldn't ask for better service especially in today world. If you are going to the Phoenix valley I would highly recommend the great folks at Chandler Aviation. Thanks gang!

From Mike Coligny on 09-Oct-2010

Landed at CHD for a business meeting. Went into Chandler Aviation just to say hello as the day before I had called because I thought they were the airport's FBO. Coffee and friendship greeted me in the name of Jeannie. Chandler Aviation owner Frank turned out to be what an FBO should always be: helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Unfortunately they are the repair service at CHD. There does not appear to be a real FBO.

From Scott Dickey on 15-Mar-2010
Unfortunately there is not enough space in the comments section to fully describe the great, great service I received recently from Frank at Chandler Aviation. I have owned and operated a Twin Commander for 10 years so I have a lot of experience with maintenance. Frank Setzler in an extremely competent and knowledgeable resource. His work is fast and efficient, and his rates and policies are fair. My plane was stuck in Mexico with a bad cylinder and Frank dropped everything (including a family vacation), arranged a ride to Mexico, and we repaired the airplane. This combination of expert knowledge, practical skill, and unbelievable service is very, very rare. My only regret is that Frank is not based in the SF Bay Area where I am. If you are based anywhere in the Phoenix area it is well worth it to have Frank take care of your machine.

From P. Craig on 26-Jun-2009
This is a first rate operation. I came in to pick up an aircraft to ferry for a friend and they addressed every concern and question I had. Frank and the crew had done some major repair work to the aircraft following windstorm damage. The office staff was also very friendly offering some cold bottled water for my flight on a hot day. I would highly recommend anyone who desires the best service and results.

From Mike White on 04-Apr-2009
I flew into KCHD Thursday March 26, in a borrowed C-182, and asked Ground for an FBO to have some maintenance done. They directed me to Chandler Aviation. I explained to Frank that the owner wanted an oil change done. He got his men right on it that afternoon. Saturday, I flew out of CHD with my wife & on landing at Furnace Creek, I found I had a rapidly deflating/oil leaking nose strut. After phone conversation with the owner, it was decided that I would fly it back to CHD, with no intermediate stops & land verrrry carefully. This was Sunday, so Chandler Aviation was closed. Monday morning I called Frank & he pulled one of his men off another job to fix the strut. I was ready to fly out Tuesday morning! I really appreciate Frank & his crew and their very clean, organized shop. I’d recommended Chandler Aviation. Thanks Frank & crew!

From James Price on 19-Feb-2009
Our friends came to visit Chandler from Ogden, UT. On a refueling stop enroute, they could not raise the gear. They flew from the Grand Canyon to Chandler with the gear down. I called Frank, and asked if he could address their problem, and that they might be in a few minutes after 5:00 PM. He stayed open later than normal, to talk to my friends when they landed, and asked them to tie down in one of his spots; gave Frank the keys. By Friday afternoon, Chandler Aviation had fixed the gear problem, and a few other matters. I cannot say enough about Frank’s welcoming, and confident manner.

From Max J. Koeck III on 30-Dec-2008
Encountered problems with an aircraft to be purchased at CHD and returned to MSY. Frank Setzler, realizing our predicament, interrupted normal operations and made every possible effort to immediately correct our problem. Clean, organized operation with a competent staff. Highly recommended.

From Barry Farner on 16-May-2008
I have had both my Cessna and Beech aircraft serviced at Chandler Aviation for the last 14 years and can only say great things about both their service and knowledge of aircraft. From annual inspections to unscheduled repairs they have always been honest and fair with me and the maintenance is always completed in a timely manner—that is why I keep going back. I also highly recommend them for pre-buy inspections as they saved me thousands on my Bonanza purchase. I want to thank Frank, Brent and Mint for keeping me flying all of these years!

From Rick Smith on 05-Nov-2007
Brent and the crew did a great job working the fuel issue with my Mooney. The team was courteous, professional and the price was very competitive. Thank you to Frank the owner, Brent the Service Manager and the entire crew.

From Ken Cashwell on 23-Aug-2007

I recently purchased a used plane based at CHD. Brent and crew at Chandler Aviation were very helpful with all of my needs at reasonable costs. I highly recommend them. Thanks.

From James Rose on 08-Jun-2007
Stopped for fuel on a cross-country flight (in an Arrow) from California to New York. The people were very nice however the airport (both Chandler and the city-owned terminal building) was way behind the times technology-wise. Only a dedicated weather computer – no PC with web access or network available.

Response from Frank Setzler, Chandler Aviation
Chandler Aviation is a maintenance facility for single and twin engine aircraft. I apologize if he received less then standard courtesies from any of our staff. We do not have a flight planning room as such. There are several occasions where we are happy to assist pilots with the use of an internet connection, or provide them with any advice or suggestions of what is available in this area. We do not have this gentleman’s name in our data base, and I would only speculate that he may have been in error by thinking it was our company that he visited for flight planning. It is our policy to refer pilots and flight crews to either the airport terminal, or to a very professional flight school/ FBO located next door to us. Thank you.

From Bob Williams on 06-Jun-2007
I fly into CHD regularly and have had scheduled and emergency repairs done here on several occasions. I have always found Frank and his guys to be extremely professional and fair. I trust them, what more can I say.