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Chandler Aviation's FAA approved service personnel are factory trained in Mooney, Cessna, Piper, Bonanzas and Barons

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Mooney AD 2014-15-18 (Outboard empennage attach fittings that do not
meet the approved type design dimensional requirements, Aug 5, 2014) Certain M20C, M20E, M20M, M20R and M20TN airplanes
Piper Air Worthiness Information Bulletin CE-14-22 (Fuel Selector inadvertently swithed off, July 10, 2014) PA-28
Piper Air Worthiness Information Bulleting CE--09-13R1 (Engine Mount Cracks, July 14, 2014) PA-46
Mooney SB M20-318, (Outboard Emenage Attach Fittings, June 2, 2014), M20R & M20TN

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